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2018 – Oklahoma!

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Oklahoma Poster
DirectorRussell Langdown
Associate DirectorSandra Gilbert
Musical DirectorMalcolm Webb
ChoreographerGemma Short
Stage ManagerSarah Wrixon
Chorus MDJudith Sharp
Performed at:The Wyvern Theatre

Oklahoma Principal Cast

Members of the Company

Martin Whiteley, Stuart Dark, Alex Barrett, Martyn Brown, Luke Browne, Ben Canning, Rob Curnock, Amy Canning, Chloe Barnes, Alison Canning, Becci Benson, Lucy Jenkins, Wendy Skane, Kelly Iles, Nicola Farmer, Nadia Imbert-Terry, Ellie Lawrence, Jenny Harber, Anne Berndt, Fern van der Vliet, Melissa Beattie, Carol Jeffcutt.

Children’s Ensemble

Molly Portlock, Kyle Iles, Ella Knight, Kelsey Husband, Ella Thornton, Amelia Corcoran, Matthew Clark, Lewis Alexander, Evangelina Brannan, Brodie Lee, Lily Bell, Kyle Scott, Megan Dalton, Rhiannon Mackay, Emily Mackay, Isabelle Feaver, Matilda Blake, Josie Blake.

Picture Gallery

  • Oklahoma Poster


6 decades of actors playing Curly….

Oklahoma is one of the most iconic musicals and it will be the most-performed show by the society, who have previously staged productions in 1958, 1982 and 2001!  SALOS were delighted to have four members who have all played the lead role of Curly attend a rehearsal.  The part has been played for SALOS by some of Swindon’s best-known performers: Mike Chivers (1958), Ray Dance (1982), Tony Asprey (2001) & James Canning (2018).


Meet the Cast!

Dance Rehearsal

Casting Video

Behind the Scenes Tour (Dress Rehearsal)