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Our Committee

Our committee help make all the decisions and keep SALOS running. Please see our current committee below and click their image for more info about them!

Alan Wrixon


Judith Sharp

Secretary & Director of Chorus Music

Paul Coad

Treasurer & Vice-President

Sarah Wrixon

Stage Manager

Russell Langdown


Becci Benson

Ray Dance

Rob Curnock

Sarah Dawkins

Alan Wrixon – President

Alan, who had always loved singing, joined SALOS in 1971 as much for singing with a large concert chorus as appearing in the shows. In his first show he was persuaded to join the dancers for a small part and stayed as a chorus member / dancer until 1986 when his own work commitments away from home coincided with SALOS’s vacancy for a Stage Manager. He was elected to the committee in 1974 becoming Chairman in 1979. He remained Chairman, with a short mid term break, until 2010. Taking over as Stage Manager in 1986 he found his true theatre vocation, planning and organising shows until handing over to his daughter Sarah in 2011. He then took over the lighting design and worked as a stage hand until 2015. Alan was elected President in 2016. He has enjoyed all his time in SALOS, particularly because it has provided him with a common hobby with his wife Christine (a former SALOS property mistress) and daughters Hannah and Sarah. Now retired he spent his working life as a hydraulic engineer. When not in the theatre he is normally found on a cricket pitch either as a player or umpire, in which guise he became one of (if not the) first umpires to officiate for 50 years. As President he is responsible for chairing formal meetings of the membership as well as being the (not so pretty) face of the society. He is also available to the committee for advice and guidance.

Judith Sharp – Secretary & Director of Chorus Music

Judith has been a committee member since 1992 and SALOS Secretary since 2014. In this role, she is the first point of contact with the society via email or telephone. She handles enquiries from prospective playing members, organising new member auditions; liaises with show licensors and orders rehearsal material; maintains society membership and subscription records; takes and circulates committee meeting minutes and maintains communication between members and the committee via email.

Judith is also Director of Chorus Music, a position which she has held since 1999. This involves teaching the chorus members the music and harmony for shows and concerts and conducting the chorus and band during concert performances.

Now a Life Member of SALOS, Judith joined as a playing member in 1983 and has played eight leading roles and five principal parts for the society. She has also played many leading roles in productions staged at the Arts Centre, Swindon with her singing partner, Ray Dance, raising many thousands of pounds for local charities. A mother of two, and grandmother of four, she is now enjoying being a ‘dance grandma’ encouraging the next generation of her family on to the stage!!

Paul Coad – Treasurer & Vice-President

Paul joined SALOS for “Bitter Sweet” in 1992 and continued in the chorus for a number of productions subsequently. However, he must have mentioned to someone that he was a scientist, so was elected to the Committee the next year and took over as Treasurer for the 1994 production of “My Fair Lady”, a position he still holds 26 years later – for which foolishness he has been rewarded(?) by being elected a Vice-President of the Society. He also took over the running of the SALOS pre-box from the previous Treasurer (John Garrett) and continued to combine this role until Sarah W took it over two years ago for “Oklahoma”. The principal jobs of the Treasurer are to handle all the financial “ins” and “outs” for the Society, ensure the insurance is in place, help with the setting of the budget for the main Annual Production, and to prepare annual accounts for audit – with a budget of over £50K per annum this is a quite important task. Although he has retired from actually performing with SALOS (and from the various G&S societies to which he has belonged), he plans to continue being the “money man” for a while yet – he has more time on his hands now he is (mostly) retired from helping to develop Nuclear Fusion at Culham.

Sarah Wrixon – Stage Manager

Sarah has been on the committee now for the last three years, although she had previously attended many meetings as Stage Manager. In her role on the committee Sarah advises on all technical aspects and updates on any policies or industry changes. Another role that Sarah undertakes is liaising with the Wyvern Theatre so that we make sure all Wyvern teams know everything about our main production. As with all committee members Sarah helps update policies, market productions and keeps the society going.

Sarah has grown up within SALOS with both of her parents working backstage so there was no choice but to also join. Her first show on stage was at the age of 5 and then after 13, she realised that her love of the theatre was to organise it not to actually be in it! 

Sarah works for Swindon’s only professional Theatre Company, Prime Theatre, and is Production Manager for all of their tours along with running a technical youth theatre.

Russell Langdown – Director

Russell’s first SALOS show was as a child cast member of ‘Hello Dolly’ in 1988 and he has been involved in every production since; he joined the society as an adult member in 1997 and has played a number of exciting roles, his favourites being Jesus and The Beast.

Russell took on the role of Production Director in 2007 and has directed all of the main productions since, his favourite being ‘Legally Blonde’ in 2017.

Russell has been a member of the SALOS Committee since 2003; his main role on the committee is to advise and lead on the creative and artistic aspects of the annual musical production.

Russell’s day job is as a Deputy Headteacher in a secondary school and he also leads the drama department for his wife’s Dance & Theatre Arts School – Gemma Short School of Dance & Theatre Arts.

Ray Dance

Ray’s current role on the committee is to coordinate actions for which committee members are responsible and where necessary assist in their timely completion. He is, with Becci Benson, also responsible for organising and managing the winter and spring Programme. Ray has been a member of the committee for many years and has carried out a wide variety of duties. He has also played many leading and principal roles with SALOS, as well as many shows in the back row of the chorus! He was made a Life Member of SALOS more than ten years ago, an honour for which he is very grateful and remains extremely proud.

When not involved in SALOS activities he, with his singing partner Judith Sharp, have for many years staged their own shows and concerts with R&J Musicals, raising money for local charities. He was also a founder and playing member of the M4 Theatre Company and has performed in musicals with Bath University and Derby Musical Theatre Society.

In addition to forming R&J Musicals, Ray and Judith, in 1993, successfully established their own business, Barthropp Career Consultants Ltd.

Ray has been involved in many productions, but the one of which he is most proud (and one he admits he could not have produced by himself and most certainly not without very considerable and varied input from his wife, Jo) is of course their production of ‘The Dance Family Juniors’ – a story of love, laughter, pain and tears, but mostly love and laughter.

Rob Curnock

Rob is reasonably new to SALOS and became a playing member in 2018 just before ‘Oklahoma’. Rob had his first principal role in 2019’s ‘The Sound of Music’ as Rolf. 2019 was Rob’s first year on the committee.

Rob’s been helping to develop the new SALOS website and is always looking to be a more proactive member within the society. Rob’s day job is Head of Web Development for a product distribution/online e-commerce company based in Tetbury.

Sarah Dawkins

Sarah is SALOS’ newest committee member, having been nominated at the end of 2020. She joined SALOS in 2019 and has loved every minute of being a member so far! She has taken part in one spring concert, one cancelled-due-to-COVID concert and was a nun in The Sound of Music. She has also enjoyed using her piano playing to help keep SALOS going during the pandemic, and as an emergency back up during rehearsals! 

Sarah has loved musicals since she was very little, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Disney’s musicals in particular. Her dream roles would be Kathy in the Last Five Years, Aida (in Aida!) or the Witch in Into the Woods! Sarah spent a lot of time in her early twenties taking part in, playing in the band, musical directing and occasionally directing for her university musical theatre society. 

After graduating, work and being a mummy took up a lot of time, but now after a twelve year break, she is so happy to be back doing what she loves (as well as continuing with the work and the mummying!) She is really looking forward to contributing to the running of SALOS in the future and being a playing member for many years to come. 

Becci Benson

Becci joined SALOS in 2009 and her first show was ‘My Fair Lady’; she has performed in every show over the past 11 years, and played Belle in ‘Beauty & the Beast’. 

Becci has been a member of the SALOS Committee since 2012; her main role on the committee is being part of the team leading the winter season and annual spring Concerts. 

Outside SALOS, Becci works part time in a local secondary school, particularly supporting young people transferring between primary and secondary school. When not at work she can be found transporting her six year old twins to their numerous hobbies or friends’ parties!