Bless the bride - 1975

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Producer                                                    Pat Donovan

Assistant Producer                                   Enid Hogden

Musical Director                                        Derek Sheldon

Chorus Mistress                                        Esme Weight

Dancing Mistress                                      Pat Bennett

Stage Director                                           Peter Day & Terry Walton


Performed at:  The Wyvern Theatre

Role                         Played by
Alice Charity Willow                         Esme Weight
Cousin George                         Les Morris
Archdeacon Gurney                         Graham Haines
Lucy Veracity Willow                         Beryl Jones
Hon. Thomas Trout                         Ray Dance
Ann Fidelity                         Sharon Welsh / Jane Hocking
Charlotte Patience                         Anne Young
Elizabeth Prudence                         Christine Walton
Frances Fortitude                         Jill Weight / Sue Tyler
Millicent Punctuality                         Jean Riggal
Pierre Fontaine                         Barry Lingard
Suzanne Valdis                         Brenda Wozencroft
Augustus Willow                         Denis Reynolds
Mary Willow                         Dulcie Dunn
Albert Willow                         Eric H. Walter
Harriet Willow                         Sheila Dunn
Nanny                         Enid Hogden
Buttons                         Dawn Cardis
Chief Gendarme                         Eric Brigg
First Gendarme                         John Purdy
Second Gendarme                         Grahame Haines
M. Robert                         Keith Tyler
M. Frontenac                         John Crowhurst
First Customer                         Joan Hartless
Gillian Brigg, Pamela Brough, Sarah Davis, Sue Davidson, Barbara Doone, Olive Eggleton, Barbara Engley, Violet Field, Sally Goble, Margaret Hyde, Sandra Hargreaves, Christina Jones, Wendy Luker, Claire Morgan, Ann Offer, Joy Neve, Mary Penhale, Margaret Price, Carol Rawlins, Olive Smith, Sandra Tapscott, Deborah Walker, Margaret Weightman, Annette Williams, Vene Winslow, Tony Cuninghame, Harry Eatwell, Stephen Gardner, Colin Gingell, Rolland Hauser, Paul Isquierdo, Roger Penhale, Peter Smith, Clive Spindler, Graham Smith, Brian Storey, Ron Williams, Clifford Winslow, David Wright, Steve Whatley
Patricia Bennett, Sandra Carter, Beryl Elliott, Wendy Smith, Sharon Stone, Christine Tanner, Jane Townsend, Pamela Townsend, Gillian Thornton, Glynis Wall, Alan Hogden, Colin Hogden, Alan Wrixon, 

bless the bride programme

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